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Hot Water Systems

A hot shower is a luxury we often take for granted, that is, until the water turns cold! If you are having problems with your current hot water unit or are looking to upgrade, Ryan Old Plumbing can help you.

We will take time to assess your hot water needs and use our professional knowledge to make recommendations. This may include fixing the current water heater or removing the old one and supplying and installing a new system. We know how important a hot shower is, so we will work quickly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Jet Rodding

Call Ryan Old Plumbing for all your jet rodding requirements.

A Jet Rodder or Hydro Jet allows for clearing of drains and blockages in pipes using a high pressure water jetting system.

The Jet Rodder can be utilised in various applications including

  • unblocking drains
  • cleaning sewer drains
  • storm-water drains
  • commercial and industrial plumbing
  • conduit and pipe cleaning of all sizes

This system is a far more effective way to tackle all types of blockages whether it is a greasy, nasty blockage in a grease trap at a restaurant or an annoying tree root in your back yard. We also offer commercial plumbing services.

Interestingly, this water based method, due to its high pressure 500psi force, can cut through all sorts of blockages including tree roots but is actually gentler on existing infrastructure and drainage than the older electric eel system.

We service the entire Brisbane area but our home base is the Wynnum Manly area and we have many long term existing client relationships in the Wynnum area. We love to know that 'we are your go to plumbers' when the worst happens and your drains are blocked. We pride ourselves on a quick response and minimal disruption to your business or home.

Let us offer you a complete plumbing service, from industrial plumbing and commercial plumbing to domestic plumbing services and clearing blocked drains.


Residential Plumbing Brisbane

At Ryan Old plumbing we love to look after our residential customers in the Wynnum and Manly area.

We understand that when you call us, you need us! We respond quickly, we come when we say we will be there and we always leave your home clean and tidy. These are the things that we know are important to our customers who call us repeatedly and become our regulars.

No job is too small for us even though we also service commercial and industrial clients. We will look after you in a crisis but also don't hesitate to give us a call if your water pressure is low or you feel your water heater is just not doing what its meant to do. You know your home and we help you care for it. Your home is your biggest asset and as such it's important to get its plumbing health checked regularly.

  • Tap and toilet repairs
  • Bathroom/kitchen renovations
  • Energy efficient hot water units
  • Heat pump hot water units
  • Drainage problems
  • Water leaks
  • Blocked drains
  • Dripping taps and toilets
  • Water pressure issues
  • Roof and Gutter Repairs

Having problems with any of the above, don't just put up with it. Give us a call, we can help with all your home plumbing problems in and around Brisbane.

Blocked Drains Brisbane

Ryan Old Plumbing have all the equipment that is needed to unblock your drains.

Blocked drains will be a thing of the past when you call Ryan Old Plumbing.

We use high pressure Jet Rodders to unblock drains in a jiffy. Jet Rodders or Hydro Jets are high pressure water tools which can unblock the greasiest and nasty blocked drain, as well as being able to power through root blockages. Using this method to unblock your drain is a far more effective and powerful way of solving your blockage issue than the traditional electric eel methods, it is also far gentler on existing pipe infrastructure. This is particularly important for older properties and we specialize in caring for the plumbing in the beautiful old homes in the Wynnum region.

We offer a full residential, commercial and industrial plumbing service across Brisbane and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our Wynnum and Manly region customers. Much of our business consists of long term customers and repeat business due to our commitment to customer care and getting the job done quickly, efficiently with as little disruption to your family routine.

No need to call anyone else. We offer a complete Brisbane plumbing service
for all you residential and commercial plumbing requirements.

Commercial Plumbing

At Ryan Old Plumbing we offer a comprehensive list of commercial plumbing services in the Wynnum area as well as the greater Brisbane area.

We pride ourselves on offering fast efficient services to your business as we realise time is money and often plumbing issues can have a large impact on your businesses day to day functioning.

We can look after you in the following areas

  • Staff amenities maintenance
  • Wash-down facilities
  • Pipe freezing equipment
  • Concrete cutting, removal and replacement
  • Roof & Gutter Repairs

As well as valve testing

  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Backflow testing, RPZ, DCV & Single Check valves

Drain services

  • CCTV drain inspections, locating and recording
  • Drain clearing by high pressure water jet
  • Trade waste management

 Water services

  • Burst water repairs
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water saving device installations
  • Replace pipe work


  • OH&S policies and procedures
  • Job safety analysis
  • Work at heights

In short we are able to help you if you are establishing your commercial enterprise or are established but need help in maintaining your facilities and business practice. We are also available to discuss with you ways in which your plumbing and drainage, water and gas fittings can be upgraded or made to work better for you and your business.