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CCTV Drain Inspection Brisbane & Gold Coast

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of camera inspection technology in transforming the effectiveness of operations in the military, engineering, science and medicine. But some of the true pioneers of putting human vision where the body simply cannot reach belong to the plumbing industry. Today, drain inspection camera technology and techniques are a must-have for all the best plumbers, as it allows them to peer deeply and with high precision and accuracy into your drains, pipes, walls, floors and foundations.

drain inspection camera services

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Expert services with a drain camera

Without the sort of drain camera Brisbane and Gold Coast experts Ryan Old Plumbing use all over the region and beyond, plumbing problems might have been:

  • Left undiagnosed
  • Been poorly or wrongly diagnosed
  • Been wrongly or insufficiently addressed
  • Resulting in devastating excavation, huge messes and massive damage & repair bills.

Is there a reason to see where the human eye cannot reach at your place? Then you’ll need a local plumbing company with true expertise and vast experience in providing expert services with a plumbing camera – and all across Brisbane and Gold Coast, that’s also what Ryan Old Plumbing is known and trusted for.

Ryan Old Plumbing uses a high-tech drain camera Brisbane and Gold Coast wide for accurately diagnosing and swiftly rectifying major, difficult-to-locate, difficult-to-reach and difficult-to-repair residential and commercial plumbing issues.

The result is plumbing problems that are easily found, diagnosed and fixed with lightning speed, laser-like accuracy and unprecedented cost-effectiveness. It saves you time, hassle and money – so what’s not to love?

What can we do with our pipe inspection camera?

To the untrained eye, a pipe inspection camera might seem like a big coil with sophisticated controls and a monitor. But Ryan Old Plumbing uses it to:

  • Quickly LOCATE with pinpoint precision the problem site in a pipe, drain or another inaccessible spot. Before plumbers could do an easy drain camera inspection, the diagnosis of the most hidden, complex and difficult plumbing problems were done with an educated guess that sometimes simply wasn’t right. Whether it’s a blocked sewer, blocked toilet or a blocked stormwater drain, there’s no guessing with us!
  • Totally ERADICATE the vast damage to your property or garden that an undiagnosed or undiagnosable that was otherwise minor might cause. Remember, a minor plumbing problem almost always evolves into a major one, because it’s just a fact of life that pipes, drains and other plumbing infrastructure will go wrong at some point. We’re talking about blockages, corrosion and degrading, leaking or damage and breakages.
  • Easily REVEAL the whole new world of a visual representation of your property’s plumbing system. A routine drain camera inspection performed by Ryan Old Plumbing has revealed lost wedding rings and all sorts of other surprises that either delighted clients or had them breathing a sigh of relief at the damage and cost savings of easily finding a hidden problem. It’s only possible with clear, precise, high definition, full-colour, 360-degree imagery captured by a drain inspection camera in the hands of an experienced plumbing master.

Our plumbing camera services are just around the corner

Ryan Old Plumbing always carries the latest and best pipe inspection camera in our fully-stocked vans – so that high-tech ‘snake’ can slither into your plumbing system to reveal the treasures and issues that lurk beneath. All over the region, clients just like you have been benefitting from the master of the drain camera Brisbane and Gold Coast wide and beyond – so why not give us a call today for your first inspection experience?

When your hot water system goes bang, you want it fixed or replaced straight away. But what if something has gone wrong with your plumbing systems and it’s out-of-sight? The obvious answer is a no mess, no fuss, non-invasive, non-destructive drain camera inspection. Are you ready for Ryan Old Plumbing’s HD-quality eyes to go peeping around your vast network of plumbing systems? The future is here already, so give our friendly blocked drain plumbing team a shout today.

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!


Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we’ve helped thousands of Brisbane & Gold Coast residents just like you with plumbing emergencies, repairs and installations. What did they have to say about Ryan Old Plumbing team? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out!

Neil did an awesome job. Super quick to respond. He turned up and got straight into fixing my blocked drain with no messing around. Polite, professional, honest and took the time to explain a few things. Absolutely recommend.

Noah McSharry

Neil did a great job on our blocked drain. He is friendly, reliable and well experienced. The company was professional and consistent from the reception lady to the technician. I would definitely recommend them to a friend!

Tahlia Ross

Blocked drains were causing problems and Ryan Old Plumbing came out within a few hrs of calling and thoroughly flushed and investigated the problem until they found the cause and fixed it...

Rhonda Turbill

Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!


Who is responsible for a blocked drain?

Blocked drains are a pain – they are disruptive, messy and potentially very expensive. So, trying to figure out who is responsible is likely one of the last things you would like to think about while figuring out how to unclog your plumbing.


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How to fix a blocked drain?

Blocked drains are not fun at all. They can be messy, smelly and can cause a huge range of problems. That is why we have put together a little guide to show you how to fix a blocked drain. We always recommend that you call in a professional, however, if you have decided that you will go down the DIY route, keep reading for a few ways to unclog a drain.


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What is pipe relining?

When it comes to issues with your plumbing, they can be messy and disruptive enough on their own – you don’t want to have to deal with your garden being pulled up and damaged just so a pipe can be replaced.

Enter pipe relining – a great alternative to the traditional method of pipe replacement. Keep reading to learn more, or give Ryan Old Plumbing a call today on 0488 856 880.


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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!