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What is Pipe Patching?

Understanding the no dig pipe repair process

Do you think you have a leaking pipe under your house or driveway? Having a leaking pipe is bad enough, but the thought of plumbers digging up your driveway to access and fix the broken drain is even worse. Luckily, pipe patching is an available method, which allows plumbers to fix broken pipes and drains without any digging.

This revolutionary method allows residents to save a significant amount of time and money, whilst also avoiding the demolition involved with the traditional approach. If you want to know more about pipe patching and its benefits for your home, have a look at the information below.

How does pipe patching work?

Now you may be wondering; ‘if a pipe is under a driveway, how do plumbers find where the leak is’? Plumbers often look for telltale signs of a leak such as, mould, cracks or leaking water; however, to find exactly where the leak is, plumbers use drain cameras. Drain cameras are tiny cameras that are put into a drain, which enables a plumber to see from the inside of a drain.

They move along the inside until the plumber has located where the damaged area of the pipe is. The cameras also allow plumbers to see the size, shape and severity of the damage.

After locating the damaged area, plumbers will then decide whether pipe patching or a complete pipe relining is appropriate. To patch up the broken pipe, pipe lining the size of the damaged area is inserted into the pipe via an inflatable tube. Once in the correct position, the tube is inflated so that the lining patches the damaged area by filling the cracks.

The lining will need to be set and solidify before the pipe can be used again. The time required for solidification is equivalent to the amount of patching used; however, it is generally short for pipe patching as only a small area is patched. Once the plumber ensures that the pipe is set, the repair is complete.

When is pipe patching useful?

Pipe patching is extremely useful for pipes that are difficult to access. Pipes under homes or driveways require a substantial amount of demolition for a repair to be completed. By using pipe patching instead, clients will save a significant amount of money and time.

Pipe patching can be used for a range of different types of pipes, such as;

  • PVC pipes.
  • Copper pipes.
  • Stainless steel pipes.
  • Rubber pipes.
  • Fiberglass pipes.
  • Polypropylene pipes.

What are the benefits of pipe patching?

  • Cost effective.
  • Time efficient.
  • No/minimal digging/demolition.
  • Suited to a wide range of pipe types.
  • Suited to pipes with difficult accessibility.
  • Cheaper than fixing an entire pipe if only a small fix is needed.

Your pipe patching specialists Brisbane

If you are looking for an expert pipe patching specialist in Brisbane, get in touch with Ryan Old Plumbing. Our team are trade professionals when it comes to completing a wide range of drainage solutions at a professional standard. Contact us today on 1300 740 206 or by completing our pipe patching plumber request form.


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