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Low Water Pressure - Tingalpa

Written by Ryan Old
Low Water Pressure in Tingalpa

Low water pressure is a problem that can the result of many issues. The most common issue is related to the hidden leak. This particular customer was aware of a slightly wetter patch in her garden that made this easier to find the cause.

Problem or Issue

A customer from Tingalpa rang regarding low water pressure, higher than normal water bill and a damp area on the lawn. While the client was on the phone we determined that a series of tests would be needed. These tests would isolate and identify the area of concern.  A mutual time was arranged for our local plumber to attend the site and conduct the relevant tests.

Action taken

The owner’s description of the high-water usage, low water pressure and the damp area of lawn indicated a water leak. Cameron attended the property and located water leak.

A pressure test confirmed our suspicions that the water leak was on the mains water line.

At this point specialised testing equipment was used to be able to pin point the exact location on the mains water line indicating where we should dig.  This resulted in the excavation being exactly above the damaged water pipes. The repair was carried out on the water line and the mains water was turned back on upon completion.  The area was back-filled, and the site was left in a tidy state on completion.

Solution & Tools Used

Careful questioning of the customer resulted in the cause of the low water pressure being found quickly, with specialised testing equipment confirming our suspicions. This resulted in a quick fix rather than an exhaustive search for the leak. 


The customer was very pleased that we could arrive on site within the same day and quickly identify the cause of the low water pressure. The specialised testing located the exact position of the leak not only resulting in the job being completed quickly, but only a small portion of the customers yard was disturbed because of the excavation. Not only saving the customer money on excess water bills, but also leaving as little disruption to her property as possible.

Client comments

“Very impressed with the service Cameron provided fixing my water line, I will most definitely recommend Ryan Old Plumbing to my friends.”

User Rating: 5 / 5

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