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Gas Bayonet Fitting

Gas bayonet installation and repairs

Need a gas connection for your outdoor barbecue or gas heater? A gas bayonet fitting is an easy and convenient way to connect your gas appliances safely. Our gas fitters can install bayonet fittings and provide a compliance certificate ensuring it is safe to use.

Gas applianced can be more economical than electric appliances helping to save money on your utility bills. From installing a gas bayonet fitting to emergency gas plumber services, we provide a wide range of gas fitting services. So if you need a reliable gas fitter, get in contact with Ryan Old today.


What is a gas bayonet?

A gas bayonet is a device fixed to a wall or floor to supply gas for heating or cooking purposes. Gas bayonet fittings are common in Australia and can be installed in homes, caravans or campers. They can be installed anywhere you want a gas appliance to be connected and supply liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas at low pressures. They are an economical option and can connect various appliances.

Please note - Ryan Old Plumbing can not help with gas bayonet fittings in caravans or campers.


When the temperature drops, you can use a gas heater to warm your home or outdoor entertaining areas. And if you are hosting a barbecue, outdoor gas bayonet fitting lets you cook efficiently without running out of gas.

Our gas fitting team can install gas bayonets for various appliances like:

Parts of a gas bayonet

A gas bayonet consists of two parts. The female fitting can be mounted to the floor or wall and the male fitting is attached to a gas appliance hose.

Gas Bayonet Female Fitting
Gas Bayonet Female Fitting
Gas Bayonet Male fitting
Gas Bayonet Male Fitting

The male fitting has two push and twist slots that connect with two locking lugs on the female gas bayonet fitting. When the male fitting is attached securely to the female fitting, the protrusion in male fitting opens the gas valve and allows for a safe supply of gas to the appliance.

Gas bayonet installation Brisbane

Only a licensed gas fitter is permitted to install a bayonet fitting and they must provide a gas compliance certificate which shows that the appliance is safe to use and complies with the relevant Australian standards.

Our team of licensed gas fitters can install and repair gas bayonet fittings in residential and commercial properties. We also provide a compliance certificate and all our work comes with a lifetime labour guarantee.

Gas bayonet repairs

Faults in appliances or fittings as well as gas leaks need to be checked and repaired immediately. If you suspect there’s a gas leak in your bayonet fitting, turn off the gas supply from the mains and open all the doors and windows to allow air circulation. Call us straight away and our emergency gas fitters can repair leaks and replace your bayonet fitting if required.

How to use gas safely?

  • Only use flued gas heaters in bedrooms.
  • Do not use naked flames near gas bayonet fittings as it can lead to fire.
  • The gas bayonet fittings need to be clean and free from dirt as dirt can hinder the safe flow of gas and result in gas leaks. Use bayonet covers to keep the fittings clean from debris and bugs when not in use.

Why choose Ryan Old for your gas services?

  • Our gas installers are qualified and experienced in carrying out the job safely and efficiently.
  • We are courteous and ensure our work is done with utmost care.
  • We clean up after ourselves and ensure your premises are left tidy.
  • We ensure you are fully satisfied with our work before we leave your premises.
  • We strive to provide our customers with excellent service and take pride that many customers return after using our gas fitting or plumbing services
  • Friendly and genuine service at reasonable prices
  • We provide gas fitting services in Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland and the Gold Coast

Your trusted local Brisbane gas installers

If you need a bayonet fitting installed in your home or office, give us a call on 1300 740 206 or complete our gas fitter booking form.


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