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Gas Oven Installation

Need a gas oven installed in Brisbane?

Ryan Old Plumbing have a fully qualified and experienced team of gas fitters to complete all gas oven, gas stove and gas cooktop installation services across Brisbane. It is incredibly important that any gas appliance, gas ovens included, are installed correctly otherwise they can be harmful or even fatal. Give our knowledgeable gas fitting team a call today to discuss your gas oven needs.


Can you install a gas oven yourself?

No! A gas oven is not a do-it-yourself job to complete on a Saturday afternoon - it can be incredibly dangerous and it is also illegal to do on your own!

All gas ovens should be installed by a qualified and appropriately licenced gas fitter, such as the gas plumbers at Ryan Old Plumbing. Any and all gas installations should always be completed by a correctly qualified professional, and a gas compliance certificate provided once the job is complete.

Why choose a gas oven to be installed in your home?

Choosing a gas oven to be installed in your kitchen has a range of advantages, including:

  • Maintenance : Lower maintenance requirements.
  • Running costs : Lower running costs than many other options.
  • Eco-friendly : A much more environmentally-friendly option than other traditional options.
  • Heat : Little pre-heating needs means instant heat and also great temperature control.

Gas ovens can be a little more expensive to buy upfront though, so ensure you speak to our team about your budget and needs before we install one for you.

Which gas oven installation services can we provide in Brisbane?

The Ryan Old Plumbing gas fitters offer the installation of gas ovens, gas stoves and gas cooktops, as well as oven installation and stove connections of other kinds. Give us a call today if you would like some more information regarding the gas oven installation services we offer, and what brands and styles we work with.

Why have your gas oven installed by our gas fitting team?

  • Qualified : We are qualified gas plumbers.
  • Experienced : We are appropriately experienced.
  • Professional : We are professional and respectful.
  • Prompt : We are fast-acting, prompt and show up when we say we will.
  • Emergency Team : We have a 24/7 emergency gas plumber on call to assist with any gas emergencies you may have.
  • Quick Response : We respond as quickly as possible to every job we receive.
  • Safety : We care about your safety and always complete jobs properly the first time.
  • Up-To-Date : We remain on top all all industry changes and regulation updates.

Chat to our gas oven installation specialists today

For further information in relation to installing a gas cooktop or oven in your home, give Ryan Old Plumbing a call today on 0421 185 947 or complete a job booking form now!





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