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Business and home plumbing maintenance services

Ryan Old Plumbing provides complete plumbing maintenance services for homes, businesses and commercial buildings across Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of plumbers can organise routine plumbing servicing to keep your systems running smoothly and effectively all year round, reducing emergency plumbing repairs and the associated costs.


We specialise in providing professional maintenance plumbing services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week everywhere in Brisbane and Gold Coast. If you have an emergency plumbing situation then contact our office and we will come to you ASAP!

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Averting common plumbing problems

Regular checks of your plumbing system can ward off unexpected problems which can stop your household or business in its tracks.

Keeping on top of areas such as drainage, hot water, and water supply can provide long term savings.

Our plumbers can take care of preventative plumbing maintenance services such as:

  • Drain cleaning – preventing blocked drains
  • Leak detection – reducing water wastage and water damage, catching small leaks before they grow.
  • Gas pipe and appliance servicing – reducing gas leaks and increasing safety
  • Hot water system – regular servicing can extend the life of your hot water unit and reduce costly emergency repairs.
  • Pipe inspections – scheduled inspections of the pipes, drains and sewer lines allow you to address any issues before the system stops flowing.
  • Garbage disposal and grease trap servicing
  • Septic system maintenance
  • Water pressure testing

Commercial plumbing preventative maintenance

The importance of a well-functioning plumbing system to a commercial business cannot be understated. A simple blocked toilet or failed hot water system can quickly bring a whole business to a standstill. Preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure your plumbing system is reliable, reducing interruptions to productivity and allowing repairs to be carried out at a time which is convenient for your business.

Your local plumbing maintenance specialists

If you are a homeowner, property manager, or business owner contact Ryan Old Plumbing for experienced reliable plumbing maintenance services at 1300 055 940 or complete our online maintenance plumber booking request form today.

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Ryan Old Plumbing Reviews

Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we've helped thousands of Brisbane & Gold Coast residents just like you with plumbing emergencies, repairs and installations. What did they have to say about Ryan Old Plumbing team? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out!

Excellent service very professional and the plumber was extremely helpful with dealing with Power and Water great team.

Hayden Graves

Great service and happy with the price! Would definitely recommend and refer Brisbane Plumbing to anyone in need of a plumber.

Julius Dyer

Fast efficient and friendly service. Thank you sincerely for your prompt assistance and managing to complete all jobs in a very short time...

Abby Magrath

Plumber FAQ

How to fix a leaking tap?

Leaving a leaking tap unfixed is super easy to do – you hear it, you complain about it and it wakes you up at 3 am. You then say a few select words and then likely go back to sleep again until it wakes you up the next night.

That is why now is the best time to fix your leaking tap! Whether you choose to complete the job yourself or call in the professionals, you will be more than glad when that pesky tap isn’t leaking anymore. Although fixing a tap yourself can be a simple task if you know what you are doing, it can become messy, difficult and expensive if it isn’t done right. This is definitely something to consider when you are looking at fixing your tap.


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What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Although a leaking tap is not a serious emergency, it could be. Extreme plumbing emergencies include those that damage or threaten lives (gas problems, water leaks) - especially when adverse health effects are already being felt. Other critical situations include sewer leaks, major flooding and burst pipe.

Whatever plumbing problems you may have, as long as they greatly impact you, we will treat it as an emergency and will fix the issue ASAP.


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Why does my toilet keep running

If your toilet sounds like a waterfall at night and keeps running at all times, it is definitely an issue that you want to address sooner rather than later (think of your water bill!).

But what is causing your toilet to keep running all the time can be a few things, so keep reading to find out more or call Ryan Old Plumbing on 1300 055 940.


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