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Save Water – Have A Rainwater Tank Installed!

Seeking a sustainable water supply? Wanting chemical-free and zero-cost irrigation for your garden? Looking to slash your water bills? Ryan Old Plumbing offers fully-customised rainwater tank installation and related services from our Brisbane plumbers, Gold Coast plumbers and beyond – so you can start capturing rainwater and putting it to ideal use. Use your new rainwater tank for:

  • Outdoor watering/irrigation
  • Emergency water supply
  • Car washing, laundry & cleaning
  • Toilet flushing & much more.
Rainwater Tank Installation Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Affordable Rainwater Tank Installation Near Me

Ryan Old Plumbing’s premium services in rainwater tank installation Brisbane-wide is the stress-free and affordable way to start maximising the benefits of stormwater harvesting all across the region & beyond. Our experienced team of skilled, friendly & fully-licensed local plumbers specialise in designing and installing rainwater systems that are tailored to the specific needs of all of our residential and commercial clients.

With expertise, state-of-the-art tools & products and our guarantee of quality workmanship for life, Ryan Old Plumbing ensure a seamless and efficient installation process from start to finish promising:

  • Experience: We stay up to date with all of the rainwater tank industry’s latest trends and best practices so you’re always benefiting from the most reliable and innovative solutions.
  • Customised solutions: Every property, lifestyle and water requirement is totally unique, which is why we work closely with you to understand what you’re looking for and need and recommend the most suitable rainwater tank size and type for the optimal custom solution.
  • Quality: We only use and recommend the highest quality rainwater tanks, materials and parts so that you can expect durability and performance that matches your preferences and budget.
  • Compliance: Did you know rainwater tank regulations differ from council to council across Queensland and beyond? At Ryan Old Plumbing, we have a deep understanding of all local and state plumbing & storm water drainage rules, regulations, legislation and permit requirements for an installation complete with peace of mind.
  • Integration: We install rainwater tanks that are either standalone or seamlessly integrated with your existing plumbing system, enabling you to use free and clean harvested rainwater for both outdoor and indoor purposes.
  • Maintenance: As well as properly and compliantly installing any and all tanks, pumps, pressure systems, filters and other integrated systems, Ryan Old Plumbing can also take care of all your ongoing maintenance & support needs to keep your rainwater system in excellent condition at all times.

Ask Us About Water Tank Installation Brisbane Wide

Did you know installing a rainwater tank is the perfect way to save money, conserve water, provide a sustainable and emergency water supply, minimise erosion and much, much more? Depending on your needs, property, usage requirements and local regulations, Ryan Old Plumbing will enable you to harvest rainwater in the most feasible, affordable and effective way by:

  • Assessing & understanding your needs and budget
  • Determining the right size, type and specific installation for you
  • Helping to obtain all necessary permits & approvals
  • Determining the optimal location and preparing a stable base
  • Connecting gutters, downpipes, inlets & overflow pipes
  • Connecting to plumbing system if required, including pumps, pressure systems & additional plumbing lines
  • Safety, performance & water leak checks
  • Ongoing maintenance, inspections, cleaning & repairs.

Professional Rainwater Tank Installation The Easy Way

With Ryan Old Plumbing, you’re in the best possible hands for installation and other premium and fully-customised services and solutions in rainwater tanks Brisbane wide. Our immaculately-presented and always-on-time plumbing team offers personalised attention throughout the stress-free installation process, including all the perks like upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship for life, and even a FREE plumbing inspection for all of our local clients.

Looking for a no-obligation quote for your rainwater installation Brisbane & Gold Coast-wide? You can trust our timely, reliable and professional plumbing services right here at Ryan Old Plumbing, so get in touch today.

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Ryan Old Plumbing Reviews

Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we’ve helped thousands of Brisbane & Gold Coast residents just like you with plumbing emergencies, repairs and installations. What did they have to say about Ryan Old Plumbing team? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out!

Jaiden, turned up early an was very knowledgeable an help. Knows his work.

Stephen Cowan

I am happy to recommend Ryan Old Plumbing. Great service, great quality, great follow-up.

Anna Fowke

Ryan was on time and was very helpful. He was able to fix my problem so quickly…

James Shelton

Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Plumber FAQ

How to fix a leaking tap?

Leaving a leaking tap unfixed is super easy to do – you hear it, you complain about it and it wakes you up at 3 am. You then say a few select words and then likely go back to sleep again until it wakes you up the next night.

That is why now is the best time to fix your leaking tap! Whether you choose to complete the job yourself or call in the professionals, you will be more than glad when that pesky tap isn’t leaking anymore. Although fixing a tap yourself can be a simple task if you know what you are doing, it can become messy, difficult and expensive if it isn’t done right. This is definitely something to consider when you are looking at fixing your tap.


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What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Although a leaking tap is not a serious emergency, it could be. Extreme plumbing emergencies include those that damage or threaten lives (gas problems, water leaks) - especially when adverse health effects are already being felt. Other critical situations include sewer leaks, major flooding and burst pipe.

Whatever plumbing problems you may have, as long as they greatly impact you, we will treat it as an emergency and will fix the issue ASAP.


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Why does my toilet keep running

If your toilet sounds like a waterfall at night and keeps running at all times, it is definitely an issue that you want to address sooner rather than later (think of your water bill!).

But what is causing your toilet to keep running all the time can be a few things, so keep reading to find out more or call Ryan Old Plumbing on 1300 055 940.


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Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!