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In need of a fast-acting roof plumber?

Do you have a roof leak that is causing damage to your home, or a gutter that is in need of repair or replacement? Is water coming from the ceiling and you don’t know why? Don’t wait until the damage is super expensive to fix – call in the Ryan Old Plumbing team today. Our roof plumbers can be there promptly to fix any roof or gutter leaks, ensuring the least amount of damage occurs to your home or business. Give us a call today to learn more!

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Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

What is a roof plumber?

A roof plumber is a fully qualified tradesperson who works with the roof drainage systems in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

What does a roof plumber do?

A roof plumber works with issues that have been caused by roof drainage systems, such as a leak in your roof or the replacement of gutters.

What can our roof plumbers help with in Brisbane and Gold Coast?

The Ryan Old Plumbing roof plumbing team can help with a range of works, including:

If what you are looking for isn’t listed above, give us a call on 0488 856 880 and we can likely still assist.

Top-quality leaking roof repairs

When it comes to roof plumbing services, you want to know you are dealing with professionals, and that is exactly what Ryan Old Plumbing is. We are fully qualified, experienced and licenced roof plumbers, with extensive hands-on knowledge when it comes to all kinds of roofs across Brisbane and Gold Coast.

We know how messy and frustrating roof leaks and gutter issues can be, which is why we arrive as soon as we can and provide effective, efficient and practical solutions. Get in contact to learn more!

Why choose our Brisbane roof plumbers?

  • We are fully qualified and licenced local plumbing company.
  • We are experienced in roof plumbing.
  • We are prompt and fast-acting.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.
  • We are respectful of both our customers and their property.
  • No plumbing job is too large or too small for our team.
  • We always leave your home or workplace clean and tidy.

Chat to our roof plumbers today

If you are in need of a roof plumber in Brisbane or Gold Coast, give Ryan Old Plumbing a call today on 1300 055 940. Alternatively, fill in a booking form now!

Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Ryan Old Plumbing Reviews

Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we've helped thousands of Brisbane & Gold Coast residents just like you with plumbing emergencies, repairs and installations. What did they have to say about Ryan Old Plumbing team? Read some of our many five-star reviews to find out!

Excellent service. So good to deal with. I recently renovated my bathroom and the guys were so helpful. They handled a few curveballs and got my bathroom up and running in a timely manner...

Oliver Talbot

I would like to thank the service of the experienced plumber who came to quote the installation of tap fittings I purchased myself. Nothing was a problem and he installed them on the spot...

Mary McKinlay

Fantastic! Ryan was friendly from the first call and had a young bloke attend my leaking hot water in Manly within half hour, had the job completed within the next half hour and kept me up to date...

Amos Simonis

Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!

Roof Plumber FAQ

When do you need a roof plumber?

When trouble is brewing above your head, you don’t automatically reach for the number of a trusted local roof plumber. But don’t forget: just about no part of your valuable home that deals with more water than your roof!

It’s where your complex stormwater management system starts, including your gutters, downpipes, flashing, pipe connections, ductwork joints and more. For proper, efficient drainage of water away from your home, its immediate surroundings and even the very structural integrity of your foundations, a good roof plumber can be the difference between peace and quiet at home and a huge mess, health & safety risks and enormous bills.

You may need a roof plumber:

  • During construction of your home
  • Installation of roof drainage systems
  • Installation & maintenance of gutters & downpipes
  • Servicing of flashing, joints & collection devices
  • Connections and servicing of stormwater drains
  • Diagnosing & repairs roof leaks
  • Rainwater tank issues & much more.
Is roof plumbing different to regular plumbing?

If there’s trouble with your roof plumbing, make sure your regular plumber knows what they’re doing. That’s because while your home or building’s drainage systems are definitely plumbing-related, it’s always a good idea to check that your plumber also identifies as a skilled, licensed and specialised roof plumber.

Every time you’re looking to get a roof leak investigated, or your stormwater system checked & repaired from the tip of the roof down to the efficient management of the drainage system and beyond, make sure a professional roof plumber does the job. When the plumbing work you need doing is beyond toilets, taps and sinks, ask the plumber if they are able to handle:

Remember, poor roof plumbing work might not just leave you with a mess and a bigger repair job – as uncontrolled flooding inside and outside your building, destruction of your flooring, ceilings & walls, and even the compromised structural integrity of your foundations can also occur. Your roof plumber will be skilled both up and down a ladder, know every in and out of stormwater and drainage systems, and have an eagle-eye for roof issues that a general plumber may not.

What do I do when my roof is leaking?

A roof leak of any type can be extremely alarming for every homeowner, as it can cause a huge mess as well as damage & destruction that can be deep and structural. So as soon as you notice that ‘drip drip drip’ or signs of a water leak, the first thing to do is make sure your personal belongings aren’t going to get water-damaged. But what’s next?

When you notice a roof leak, here’s what to do:

  • Try to contain the water with towels and buckets
  • Consider using a tarp to temporarily cover the breach
  • Take photos for insurance purposes
  • Call your roof plumber – especially if they have a 24/7 emergency plumbing service
  • Re-double your ongoing roof maintenance efforts
  • Get a professional roof inspection done annually.

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Book a plumber now!

Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Ryan Old plumbers today!