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Water Efficiency Certificate QLD

Do you need a Water Efficiency Certificate?

A water efficiency certificate ensures your property is compliant with the regulations and guidelines as set out by the Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority. Failure to not provide a Water Efficiency Certificate means you cannot charge tenants for water consumption which means everything from excess water use to accidents and neglect.

If you require a water efficiency certificate, why not book a Water Efficiency Test with Ryan Old Plumbing. We will come to your property and provide you with an in depth analysis and offer ways and solutions to obtain the certification should one be required.

Looking for A Water Efficiency Certificate?

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Water efficiency

If you are a property manager, landlord or owner, you can prove your property is water efficient by being able to provide the following:

  • Plumbing reports (water compliance certifications)
  • Receipts
  • Packaging
  • Warranties or instruction manuals for taps and showerheads

Charging Tenants for Water

Landlords are able to pass on the full water consumption charges, including bulk water delivery, providing the following criteria are met: 

  • the rental property is individually metered,
  • the rental property is certified, water efficient and
  • the tenancy agreement states that the tenant must pay the water consumption costs.

Water Efficient Criteria?

A property can be considered water efficient if specific water fixtures meet the following standards:

  • For internal cold water taps and single mixer taps (excluding bathtub taps and taps for appliances) the minimum standard is a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute
  • For shower heads the minimum standard is a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute
  • For toilets the minimum standard is a dual flush function not exceeding 6.5 litres on full flush and 3.5 litres on half flush and a maximum average flush volume of 4 litres (based on the average of 1 full flush and 4 half flushes)  

Only internal taps installed over a hand basin, kitchen sink or laundry trough (including single mixer taps) need to be water efficient. Other taps such as bathtub, outside taps for the garden, or taps which supply washing machines or dishwashers do not have to be water efficient to meet the previous requirements.  

Water Efficiency Testing Queensland

Ryan Old Plumbing can help you get your water compliance certificates in Brisbane, Redland, Logan and The Gold Coast. Its not just about water efficiency, we also offer fast and friendly services, solutions and advice on a range of plumbing issues.

Contact Ryan Old Plumbing’s qualified plumbers for all your low water pressure issues throughout Brisbane at 0488 856 880 or complete our quick plumber booking form today.

We’re available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency.

Industries we service

Ryan Old Plumbing has been servicing Brisbane businesses for many years. We cover a huge range of commercial industries, businesses and properties including:

  • Retail - shops, shopping centres, supermarkets,
  • Services stations
  • Childcare centres, schools, universities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants, cafe’s
  • Hotels, motels, Airbnb
  • Body corporate management

Your local commercial plumber

Our experienced plumbers are on hand to help you if you are establishing your commercial enterprise or have been around for years and need to set up a reliable commercial plumbing maintenance schedule your facilities and business practice.

We are also available to discuss with you ways in which your plumbing and drainage, water and gas fittings can be upgraded or converted to a more water efficient system to better work for you and your business.

Contact our team on 0421 185 947 or complete our online commercial plumber booking request form today.

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