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When it comes to hot water in your home or workplace, you likely don’t think too much about how it works or what it does – you just turn on the tap and hot water comes out. And we don’t blame you.

Having hot water is great in more ways than one – a long hot shower after a big day at work, using the dishwasher or just turning on the hot tap in the kitchen to wash your coffee mug – but what do you do when it isn’t working as it should?

Hot water issues can cause a range of disruptions, affecting more than just your ability to enjoy a warm bath after a long day. If you’re facing troubles with your instant gas hot water heater, it’s important to understand the potential solutions. An emergency plumber can be a key resource in such situations, so continue reading to learn more about how they can help.

How does an instant gas water heater work?

An instant gas hot water heater, also known as a tankless, instantaneous or continuous flow system, only heats water as and when you need it. They have either a pilot flame or electronic ignition and water is heated by a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe, otherwise known as a heat exchanger. When you turn on a hot water tap, the gas burner starts up and heats only the water that is needed at that time.

how instant gas hot water work

What benefits does an instant gas water heater offer?

Instant gas hot water systems offer a huge variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced amounts of wasted water.
  • Highly efficient systems.
  • Save energy and are more eco-friendly than many other choices.
  • Generally compact, so can fit in a variety of spaces (including small apartments or workspaces).
  • Both flued and unflued options are available.
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Less lag time for water heating.
  • What are common instant gas hot water system problems?

What are common instant gas hot water system problems?

Although instantaneous gas hot water systems have a range of benefits, they do have some common issues too. The following common instant gas hot water problems are:

No hot water

If you don’t have any hot water at all, check the following 3 things. If you still don’t have hot water, call a hot water plumber.

  • Check that the system is plugged into the electrical outlet and switched on.
  • If your instant hot water system has a controller, double-check that it is on and the temperature is correct.
  • Check any gas appliances in your home to see if the gas is flowing – if they work, the gas supply isn’t the issue. If they are not working, you have hopefully found your issue – check your gas valve meter and call your local gas provider for further assistance.

The pilot light will not ignite

If your pilot light will not ignite, remember that a feature of instant gas hot water systems is that they require moderate to high water flow to ignite a pilot light. Therefore, run your hot water tap for a few minutes to see if this starts it.

Water is lukewarm

A faulty thermostat or a faulty diaphragm can cause lukewarm water to replace hot water.

Water is sporadically hot and cold

If you are finding that your water is sporadically hot and then cold, this is a problem many instant gas hot water systems experiences. There are a few things that can cause this including:

  • An undersized gas bottle can result in not enough gas getting to your system.
  • A faulty showerhead or a restrictor may be affecting the ability of a tap to register as a ‘hot water tap’.
  • The gas meter diaphragm may be faulty.

Producing less water and/or lower water pressure

If your instant gas hot water system is not producing as much water as it should, or the water pressure is lower than it should be, there are two main issues that it could be:

  • A broken or faulty thermostat.
  • The strainer valve may be blocked on the cold inl>

If your water is lower in pressure, this can be related to the pilot light. Remember however that instant hot water systems, in general, supply water at a lower hot water pressure than storage alternatives.

What to do with instant gas hot water system problems?

If your instant gas hot water system is experiencing any issues, call a professional such as Ryan Old Plumbing and they can assist. Remember, choosing to do the works yourself can void your insurance and any warranties you may have, and won’t guarantee the job is completed correctly. Always speak with your local plumbing and gas experts!