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Think of a shower: it’s got a showerhead, drain, soap dish – but what’s missing? Obviously, every shower needs a curtain, screen or door so that it’s private and contains all those dozens upon dozens of litres of water, right? Not necessarily! In fact, there are plenty of reasons to take a much closer look at the latest and most stylish doorless shower ideas.

Get the location and layout right, and the doorless shower can still protect the user’s privacy. Better still, with the perfect floor gradient, the right materials, a modern large showerhead that disperses water more evenly, customised ventilation and skilful water resistance and proofing, you can add a no door shower to your place – no worries!

Have you spotted one or two ultra-modern, uber-trendy showers without doors lately? It’s not hard to see why they’re suddenly topping the list of the most popular shower designs:

1. The aesthetic appeal

Waltz into any newly-renovated, multi-million dollar, ultra-trendy modern mansion, and you can be sure it features several open showers. Put simply, it’s the sleek, minimalist, expansive, uber-contemporary look for every modern bathroom renovation that gives you the feeling of space and calm rather than that cluttered old cubicle.

2. The accessibility

It will be no surprise to learn that among the biggest fans of the latest doorless walk-in shower ideas are those who need better accessibility than most. Need a walker, wheelchair or have other mobility and accessibility needs? A no-glass shower is probably the answer for your bathroom.

3. The flexibility

If fully enclosed, the customisation options for your shower within the confines of your showering area and bathroom are obviously finite. But a no door shower opens up a vast new world of almost limitless options for how you use that space and what style you select to complement it. From small bathrooms to vast ones, and even outdoor spaces, showers without screens can go just about anywhere in just about any form – as long as you get the critical design elements right.

4. The lack of maintenance

By getting rid of the glass, screen, door or other enclosure characteristics, you’ve instantly accessed one of the best benefits of the doorless shower – less, and easier, cleaning and ongoing maintenance. Fewer crevices, fewer edges to trap moisture and soap scum, and much easier access when you do get around to giving it a proper clean.

5. The wellness

If you’re aiming to really feel at peace when relaxing under the shower, and looking for the ‘healthiest’ way to stay clean & hygienic, showers without doors are probably for you. People report that breaking out of that confined shower cubicle simulates showering under a natural waterfall, with improved air quality and ventilation a useful side benefit. Not just that, there’s less chance of dealing with mould or bacteria growth, and simply feeling like you’ve won at the game of life with spacious, luxurious open showers is just plain good for you too.

Fancy a shower without screen?

Which doorless walk-in shower ideas for 2023 make you the most excited? Natural stone and pebbles or wood panels for a truly organic shower experience? Big tiles on the walls, floor – even the ceiling? Put a big, luxurious claw-foot bath in there too? Multiple shower heads? A central stone walk-around column for the water outlet featuring built-in storage? An enormous overhead showerhead to simulate rain? A no-door shower with double doors on one wall that exits to the garden?

The options are as limitless as your imagination – as long as you fire up your creative juices to come up with the ultimate doorless shower ideas. Need a little inspiration or guidance? Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we’ve done our fair share of bathroom and shower renovations, so we’ve seen and done just about everything there is to know about the doorless shower – including how to get the critical plumbing and drainage considerations right the first time.

We’ll help you design your shower without door

If you are considering a doorless shower for your bathroom, let Ryan Old Plumbing be your go-to expert in South East Queensland. Our experienced team provides impeccable service in areas like Loganholme, Tingalpa, Mount Gravatt, and Coorparoo to bring your dream doorless shower to life.