You may know where to put it and have already chosen a hot water brand, and yet still be scratching your head when it comes to that most tricky of conundrums – gas or electric hot water? If both energy sources are available at your place, it wouldn’t feel right just to toss a coin or look only at the ticket price. So when it comes to gas vs electric hot water, what’s the winner?

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of factors to consider. And fortunately, we’re just about to run through all of them right here!

Gas hot water or electric – How to choose?

1. Useability

Hot water systems are definitely not difficult to operate, no matter what energy source their technology is based upon. If we’re really splitting hairs, you definitely don’t have to worry about gas control knobs and pilot lights with an electric hot water system, which will only need you to operate the relief valve every now and then. Both tank-based systems, though, may require tank flushes and replacement anodes.

2. Efficiency

Once upon a time, gas was clearly the most efficient energy source for hot water. But the latest generations of electric units are much more efficient – especially new high-tech technology like heat pumps. Your gas hot water unit will cost less than an electrical counterpart in terms of those energy bills, but it may be a few dollars more on that ticket price. These days, energy ratings are easy to see on the individual product itself.

3. Cost

As outlined above, gas units are normally a tad more expensive at the checkout and a tad less expensive in monthly operating costs. Depending on the size, brand, technology category and model, though, the upfront prices can differ substantially – making it necessary to dive deeper.

4. Maintenance

Much of the maintenance is outlined at #1, but it’s worth mentioning the necessity to get those gas lines and connections checked periodically – because we all know the dangers of the otherwise super-safe gas option.

5. Installation

As you need a licensed professional to put it in for you anyway, you don’t need to worry too much about installation. There’s not much difference between gas and electric in this area anyway – but if your local plumber is putting it in for you, they’ll need to be fully licensed for gasfitting. Switching from electric power to gas can also be need more time and materials if gas lines are going in, which could increase the cost somewhat.

6. Environmental

As hot water systems get more and more advanced, the impact on the environment is less and less. Generally, though, gas emissions are less of a big deal, even though the level of energy wastage is actually a little higher than with electricity. But more and more effort is being put into renewable sources of electric energy, so the impact can actually be lower.

Is gas hot water cheaper than electric?

At the end of the day, it’s actually not possible to line up an electric water heater vs gas without knowing more about your specific circumstances. What’s your home like? Family size? Hot water habits? Number of outlets? Natural gas or LPG? Here at Ryan Old Plumbing, we’ve been giving advice about hot water options to people just like you all throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, and everywhere in between and beyond, for years. Our Brisbane and Gold Coast hot water system replacement experts would love to talk you through your options. So give Ryan Old Plumbing today and we’ll settle that gas or electric hot water conundrum for you!