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What to know about water taps

As simple as they seem to be, taps have a huge significance in our lives because they provide us with access to drinking and cleaning water that we need on a daily basis to survive. Have you ever wondered how taps actually work? Understanding the process can be extremely helpful, especially for when you have a leaking tap.

How a water tap works

The flow of water is controlled by turning or moving the tap handle which is connected to the spindle. When moved, the spindle causes the tap valve to move upwards or downwards, causing the water chamber to open or close. The chamber is supplied with cold and/or hot water from connection pipes that transport water from the water supply to a tap. Kitchen mixer taps can change between hot and cold water because they are fitted with a mixer cartridge.

Parts of a tap

The parts included in a tap will vary depending on its functions and have a range of different names however, the basic parts of a tap are:

  • Tap nozzle – where water comes out of a tap.
  • Tap handle – on top of the tap, turn or move it to turn it on or off.
  • Flange – under the tap handle, covers the tap bonnet and is visible.
  • Tap bonnet – between the flange and the tap spindle, causes the spindle to move.
  • Spindle – connected to the tap bonnet and the tap valve. Fitted with an o’ring.
  • O’ring – prevents water from dripping out of or around the nozzle.
  • Body washer – provides a seal that stops the water flow, connected to the spindle.
  • Tap valve – controls the release of water.
  • Tap seat – the tap valve pushes against the tap seat to close off the water flow.
  • Water chamber – where water stays in the tap until the chamber is opened.
  • Connection pipes – connects the tap to the water supply.
  • Mixer cartridge – controls the water temperature of a tap.

Reasons for a leaking tap

Do you have a leaking tap? There are a number of reasons for why your tap could be leaking, such as:

  • Worn parts.
  • High water pressure.
  • Loose parts.

Parts like the body washer and o’ring that provide a water seal in a tap often wear out fairly easily. Without a sufficient water seal, your tap will drip when it is off.

If the water pressure is too high in your home, then the tap valve won’t be able to stop water from being released from the water chamber. If the tap valve can’t control the water flow, then even when your tap is off water will continue to drizzle out of the nozzle. High water pressure is commonly caused by pipe damage and excess water.

Without a secured design, water can easily escape from a tap through the nozzle and around the flange.

Professional dripping tap repairs

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