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Spotted a few small flies in the bathroom? Think they might be sewer flies? Believe us: if they’re tiny, grey, their wings are round and they seem to just love your damp drains, you’ve already got a drain fly infestation on your hands. The good news is that learning how to get rid of drain flies is easy.

Small flies in the drains? You’ve got a drain fly problem!

Time, however, is of the essence – because as every day passes, another batch of eggs is likely to have hatched. And although drain flies won’t bite you, they will spread unhealthy drain and sewer muck – including harmful bacteria – all over the place. If you have asthma or allergies, drain or bathroom flies are likely to make your symptoms worse, while people have been known to contract diseases including myiasis and microfilaria from this annoying critter.

Furthermore, ignoring them could lead to nasty problems in your plumbing. Why? Remember what they eat? You could have a build-up of gunk about to choke your drain pipes which may mean you’ll need to call on a professional blocked drain cleaning service.

In other words, knowing how to get rid of drain flies Australia wide is rather important – so let’s dive straight into it with 5 easily actionable tips that could make a serious difference within just one week:

1. Clean the sink

When was the last time? If it’s been a while, just give your bathroom its normal thorough cleaning routine – but maybe pull out a pipe brush to give the inside of the drain a bit of a scrub. After a week, follow up with another thorough clean.

2. Use boiling water

Name two things that don’t mix: drain flies, and boiling hot water. Not only will they sizzle their way to drain fly heaven, but boiling water is also simply a great way to get rid of some of the drain muck that attracted them in the first place.

Pour the entire kettle down there, and then repeat it every day for a week.

3. Try baking soda

Baking soda is another key ingredient for unblocking a sink drain and regular drain maintenance – including saying Sayonara to drain flies. Mix up half a cup with another half a cup of salt, add a cup of white vinegar to the brew, and pour it all down. Let the concoction sizzle for a while before washing it all down with hot water.

Repeat the process after 3 or 4 days.

4. Should You try a commercial cleaner?

While the natural remedy above works a treat, there’s a number of drain chemicals on the supermarket shelf. They can work on organic material down there, plus your drain flies. However you need to use caution – not just because of what the chemicals can do to you but they can also damage pipes if not used properly.

5. Catch the stragglers

With all of that implemented regularly, you can check to see if there are any tough little Aussie drain flies left over by setting a trap for them. As they just love apple cider vinegar, add a little to a vessel that can then be sealed at the top with cling wrap. Poke some small holes in the top to let the critters in – and rest assured, they won’t be finding their way out.

Leave the trap out for a full week, replenishing the bait if necessary.

Ryan Old Plumbing can help with any drain issue

At the end of the day, the reason you’re looking into how to get rid of drain flies is because the state of your drains attracted them. We’re talking about moist, stagnant, organic matter and debris that is simply delicious to drain flies – and like a hand-written invitation for them to call your drains their favourite breeding ground.

If you think your drain fly-prone drains and pipes need some professional attention, call the friendly local plumbers near you in Brisbane and the Gold Coast at Ryan Old Plumbing. We have all the equipment, products, knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle any plumbing problem whatsoever. Get in touch today to make a booking, guaranteeing quality workmanship, upfront pricing, and even a free plumbing inspection.