At the end of a long, hard day or workout, what you crave the most can be a long, relaxing shower under a steady stream of hot water. But what if it’s down to little more than a hot trickle? A feeble stream? A disappointing soak under the weakest dribble of hot water that you simply don’t deserve? We know exactly how frustrating and worrying low hot water pressure can be – and we also know ‘why’ and ‘what to do about it?’

Whether the hot water problem has been brewing and worsening for a while, or it’s suddenly ruined your shower or turned filling up the kitchen sink into a marathon, disappointingly low hot water pressure is a sure sign that something’s gone wrong.

But do you need to call a trusted plumber for hot water repairs right now, or is there something you can do about it? Read on:

Hot water, low pressure – What’s the cause?

First things first: If you’re not drowning under a torrent of hot water gushing from a pipe, it’s unlikely you’re dealing with a true plumbing emergency. But there’s definitely something wrong, especially if you have low hot water pressure in the whole house. It’s a mistake to automatically assume that your hot water system is deep into the process of giving up the ghost, so what else could it be?

1. The water supply?

If the pressure problem is consistent throughout the house, the problem could actually be with the water supply itself. So has the water meter valve simply been closed by a troublemaker?

2. Your filtration system?

If your hot water feeds through a water filtration system, that could be the culprit. If you haven’t had yours checked for a while, the filter may be restricting the flow.

3. Another tap on?

In some households, the simple act of turning on a second hot water outlet can cause the hot water pressure to drop significantly – and this is particularly noticeable in the shower. Very often, it’s a simple matter of having an instantaneous hot water system with a capacity that was not designed for multiple outlets.

4. The shower head?

One of the most common causes of low or no hot water pressure is simply a bad shower head or tap. All too often, the inside of an old outlet will gradually build up limescale to such a degree that it will clog it up. Luckily, a decent soaking with vinegar can be a simple fix.

5. The water mains?

If you have low hot water pressure in the whole house, go and knock on your neighbours’ doors to see if they’re having similar issues. If it’s a common problem, your next call should be to your water supplier, not the plumber.

6. Pressure regulator?

In some areas, particularly high mains water pressure may have necessitated the installation of a pressure regulator, which will bring that pressure down to something acceptable and safe. But when it goes wrong, the result may not be high pressure but actually low hot water pressure.

7. Your pipes?

Just as your tap may be all bunged up, the same may be true deeper into that supply line. Plenty of things could have caused that blockage, but to easily identify it and put it right, your plumber is always the best option – especially as they may discover it’s a bigger problem than just a clog.

No hot water pressure? Give us a call

Truth be told, hot water pressure can be affected by a true laundry list of issues with your property’s vast, complex and largely hidden plumbing system. Whether it’s a blockage, a breakage, a misbehaving hot water system or something else entirely, you can call on the hardest-working local plumbing team for a plumber in Brisbane, a Gold Coast plumber and anywhere in between. Get in touch with Ryan Old Plumbing today and we’ll get stuck into your problem in a flash.