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What to know about hot water systems for your home

A working hot water system is an essential part of a comfortable living environment, especially for during winter. However, knowing the right hot water system for your home can be quite challenging because there is so much to consider. Do you know if you want a gas, electric, solar or heat pump system? Will your water supply be from a storage tank or continuous water flow? How big will your tank be? How much do hot water systems cost? This article will provide you with all of the information you will need to know about the best hot water systems to suit your home.

What type of hot water system should you use?

There are a number of different types of hot water systems to choose from, such as:

  • Electric.
  • Gas.
  • Instant.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Solar.

Here is some of the main information on each of these systems that will help you understand what hot water system is the best for your home.

Electric water heating

Electric hot water systems are a popular choice among many Australians. They can be installed quickly if an existing system is getting replaced, for a low cost both indoors or outdoors. They are also inexpensive to purchase however, they can be more expensive to run, especially at the full day rate. You can purchase a storage or instant electric water heating system.

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems have been around for some time now and are a common part of many households. There are a number of different storage and instant gas hot water systems you can purchase. These systems are generally cheaper to run than electric water heaters but have a worse carbon footprint.

Newer models have become more eco-friendly in recent years with natural gas and LPG models. LPG models are one of the most cost-effective options due to their heating value. Gas systems can be installed in a short amount of time if an old system is to be replaced, for a low cost and have a quick reheat time.

Instant water heaters

These systems are also commonly referred to as continuous or tankless water heaters because they do not require a storage tank for a water supply. Instant electric hot water systems only heat up the water you require, which ultimately lowers the cost of running the system as the amount of electricity or gas used to heat the water is reduced.

This also prevents any energy wasted heating the water when it isn’t being used. Due to their compact design, these systems are great for smaller areas, like apartments or offices but are still installed in a number of homes also.

Heat pump hot water

This system works by drawing out heat from the air to heat up stored water. Heat pump compressors can be installed indoors, but work best in well-ventilated areas so they are often installed outdoors. These heaters have high energy efficiency, low environmental impact and are a practical renewable energy option for water heating. Heat pump hot water systems are suited to warmer climates but can be installed with a booster for colder areas.

Heat pump heaters often have a high initial cost but most systems are eligible for a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STCs), which is a government initiative that helps lower the purchase cost of heat pumps. You can have an integrated, split or retrofitted heat pump hot water system installed into your home.

Solar hot water system

Solar-powered hot water units have a great eco-footprint and have a significantly low running cost. The installation process can be more time consuming as the builder will need to see the house plans to find the best location for the panels. The upfront cost is quite expensive but can be lowered from government incentives and rebates.

What water tank should you have for your water heater?

If you want to have a water storage facility for your water heating system there are a number of things you should consider, including:

  • Tank size – knowing what size hot water system do you need varies from the number of people using the facility, number of areas that require hot water.
  • Area of installation – best installed in a sunny or well-insulated spot to maintain quality of heating.
  • Tank type – stainless steel tanks are more expensive but have a longer lifetime.
  • Maintenance – to ensure your tank works for as long as possible, get a professional hot water system service.

Your hot water system specialists

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