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Blocked Sewer Drain in Birkdale

A major cause of blocked drains are tree roots growing into the sewer lines. The tree roots are attracted to the moisture in the pipes and grow towards the sewer lines, breaking into the pipes. As a result the drains are blocked, causing the sewer lines and storm water drains to back up and often resulting in flooding. The use of a jet rodder to clear the drains, and then the CCTV camera and locator to find the cause of the blockage can take the stress out of blocked drains. One such example of this is a client in Birkdale with a blocked sewer drain.

Problem or Issue

A customer in Birkdale called reporting a blocked sewer drain. She explained that blockage had just happened, and the water was backing up from the sewer line. She required immediate attention as she was afraid that it would get worse, creating damage because of flooding.

Action Taken

Based on the owner’s description, we determined that this was a job that would require the jet rodding machine. A local plumber was immediately dispatched to the location to attempt to clear the drain. Upon arrival to the site a visual inspection confirmed that the sewer drain was backing up due to a blockage. The jet rodding machine was set up and we started clearing the blocked drain. Sludge, debris and grease build up are some of the most common causes of sewer back up. Once the water was flowing freely, the CCTV Camera and locator was used to view the sewer line. This allowed for investigating the cause of the issue, and to allow the customer to visually see the condition of the line. About 2-3 metres down the drain, we found tree roots invading the sewer line. This resulted in the blockage of the sewer line.


A discussion was held on site and the homeowner was advised that although the sewer line was cleared, to prevent further issues, we would still recommend that the section of damaged pipe around the tree roots be repaired and the tree roots cleared to avoid blockages in future. The owner requested a quote for the work and this was supplied to the client. The following day the owner called, approving our quote for the sewer line repair. A time for repair was confirmed, and we returned to site to carry out the work.


Due to the quick action in clearing the drain with the jet rodder, there was no damage as a result of flooding. The CCTV camera and locator allowed for a quick location of the blockage. With the affected section of the sewer line replaced. The rest of the sewer line was also inspected and no other tree root infestation was found. The homeowner is now free of the stress of a blocked drain

Clients comments

“I would be more than happy to recommend Ryan Old Plumbing to anyone who has a blocked drain. They have been very helpful in clearing the sewer blockage in my home and fixing up the sewer line too. I can see they how prepared they are by having all the tools and gadgets to handle the issues. I have had no issues since they came to fix it up.”

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