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Burst Vanity Unit Pipes Manly

At Ryan Old Plumbing we deal with a lot of Property Managers. The Property manager has a 2 way responsibility. To the tenant to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience, and to the property owner, ensuring their clients property is looked after, at a cost effective rate, while retaining the quality of service. Once such case was a recent issue with a burst flexi pipe in a vanity unit. Although the tenant had turned off the water at the mains the property manager insisted the issue to rectified as soon as possible. We were there within the hour and replaced the offending flexi pipe.

Problem or issue

A property manager called in with an emergency job. She reported that a pipe had burst under a vanity in one of the properties she handles. Although the tenant has turned the water off, she insists someone to come fix the pipe today to save further inconvenience to the tenant.

Action Taken

We immediately attended site and inspected the vanity unit and associated plumbing. We found that the flexi hose on the hot water line to the basin tap had burst causing water damage to the vanity cabinet.


The existing flexi hose was removed and a new one was supplied and installed. Flexi hoses can erode over time which is what happened in this situation. Like any other pipe in the plumbing system, homeowner and tenants alike often forget checking for corrosion or damage. However, it is recommended that a flexi hose be replaced once signs of corrosion has been noticed to avoid the possibility of burst pipes.


The water to the property was turned back on and no leak was identified coming from vanity. The tenant was satisfied that the problem has been solved and the property manager was pleased to keep both her tenant and property owner happy by reducing both inconvenience to the tenant and damage to the owners property.

Client Comments

“Great service. Great quality. "

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