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Corroded Galvanised Pipe Repair - Wynnum West

Corrosion on galvanised water pipes can cause a lot of issues with your plumbing. One plumbing issue in particular is related to leaks in the pipes. As galvanised pipes rust from the inside out, the corrosion is not noticeable until the area of the pipe has completely worn through. A fine leak can cause a small spray of water to emit from the pipe, often going undetected, resulting in excess water bills. One such leak was from a client in Wynnum West. This leak was from the tee join in the pipe where the pipe was at it's thinnest, and although not resulting in visible damage, over time a persistent wet patch on the ground near the join became noticeable.

Problem or issue

We received an email enquiry from a customer in Wynnum West with an unknown water leak in his front yard. An area of ground under the house was persistently wet, but no visible leak was noticeable. We were asked to send a local plumber to the house to investigate the source of the water leak, and if possible to fix it while on site. He also required a new garden tap to be installed at the front of his house.

Action Taken

A site visit was arranged to locate the water leak. Our local plumber had the necessary tools on hand to fix the leak once it was detected. Upon inspection, the plumber found that above the leak there was a 20mm galvanised tee. This galvanised tee joint had corroded and had a slow mist leak. As this is a small leak, it was not visibly noticeable, but on placing your hand over the tee you cold feel the fine mist of water spray. The owner was contacted, and gave approval to fix replace the pipe to fix the leak while on site.


The water to the property was isolated to ensure that there was no water flow in the affected area. The corroded galvanised tee joint was cut out and replaced with a new copper tee joint. A new outside tap was also installed as per owner's request, allowing him to have access to water at the front of the house. Water was turned back on and tested for leaks. No leaks were found.


The customer inspected the completed work and was happy with the result. The water leak had been repaired saving the client on excess water bills and the new garden tap had been installed allowed the client to water the front of his house without requiring a longer hose extension for the garden tap at the back of the house.

Client Comments

" I am happy with how they did the job and will definitely recommend them to my neighbours."

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