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Insinkerator Replacement Tingalpa

We often get calls regarding insinkerators. Once they are installed the insinkerator needs to be in a working condition to be able to drain the water away from the sink attached. Once they get past a certain age they can trip the sfetly switch due to general ware and tear of the unit over time. Often it is cheaper and easier to replace the unit rather than to have the insinkerator removed.

Problem or Issue

A property owner in Tingalpa called us and reported that their garbage disposal unit had tripped the safety switch and no longer works. He has asked us to check the insinkerator, and either remove it or replace it.

Action Taken

Cameron, our local plumber, was conveniently near the location and was able to pop in and look at the insinkerator and advise the owner his options in regard to the insinkerator. After inspecting the insinkerator, it was confirmed that it needed to be removed or replaced, as due to it’s age it was unrepairable. The owner was given two options.

The first option was to replace the unit with a new insinkerator, which would be able to be completed while Cameron was on site as the replacement could be delivered while removing the old unit.

The second option was to remove the insinkerator altogether and reconfigure the plumbing by installing a double bowl connector to connect the second outlet to the existing plumbing underneath the bench top. Simply removing the insinkerator was not an option, as the downpipes connected to the insinkerator needed to be replaced.


After assessing his options, the owner chose to replace the unit with a new insinkerator. As Ryan Old Plumbing works with several plumbing suppliers, we were able to source a new insinkerator in minutes. The unit was delivered to site while the plumber was disconnecting and existing unit. It was installed on deliery and tested upon completion.


In less than 2 hours from the time of the call, the client had a working insinkerator in his kitchen, and the issue was resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

Clients comments

“I am surprised with the response time and ability of these guys to attend to a problem and solve it. They did seem to know a lot about their work. Very much impressed indeed. “

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