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Laundry Renovation Manly

Home renovations are fast becoming a popular pastime for home owners. With bathrooms and laundries often being the most renovated room in the house. The majority of renovations can be done by the home handyman, but plumbing is one part of the renovation that you should engage an expert. We often have customer ringing us up to work with them on their DIY renovations. Our key point of difference with renovations is we listen to the client, and work with the client in their DIY renovations. The case study below is an example of a client needing to rerun their water lines and waste in a laundry renovation.

Problem or issue

A customer doing a laundry area renovation called to discuss our opinion regarding installing new water lines and relocating waste line for the renovation that is ongoing at his property.

Action Taken

Our local plumber, Craig arranged a site visit to the customer to map out the area and provide a proposal for the scope of work. Once on site, Craig discussed the customer's plans for the new water and waste lines. He devised a plan to install new water line in the area to fit in with the client’s needs along with the best solution to move the waste to suit the new installation. Inclusion of the customer in this planning stage ensures that the completed work complies with the owner's wishes and as well as with AS3500 Plumbing Standards.


A quote was completed and sent to the customer, who was waiting for other quotes before making the final decision. After 2 days, the owner has called and said he would like to go ahead with our quote. The work was scheduled the following week as per owner's request.


As per the quote supplied, we installed a laundry combination for the laundry tub, as a standard mixer tap is not suitable for the laundry tup application. We thencompleted the rough in for the water and waste for the laundry. We also moved the waste for the laundry tub.

Client Comments

"Ryan and his boys are the real deal. We decided to choose their company over the quotes we received because they included us in the process and updated us all the way. The plumbers present themselves in a professional manner and completed the job efficiently. Will definitely call these guys again on my next project."

Other Comments

We have done 2 other jobs for this customer since then.

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