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Leaking Copper Pipe in Birkdale Roof

Calcification in water pipes can also create small pin prick water leaks, making the leak not noticeable until damage has been done to adjacent walls and ceiling. A telltale sign of problems in your pluming is whistling or humming water pipes. This is often a result of air getting into the pipes. Hard water in the Birkdale area can have a devastating effect on your plumbing.

Problem or Issue

A customer from Birkdale called to advise that he had water stains on the ceiling indicating a leak somewhere is his roof. In addition to this he could hear noises from the ceiling when he turned on a  tap.

Action Taken

The customer's description of the problem had intrigued us. A site visit was arranged to identify the cause of the leak. After arriving on site and inspecting inside the roof, it could be seen that on the 3/4 copper line, there was a pinhole caused from calcification. This was the cause of the leak and noise that the customer could hear. The water was slowing seeping through the ceiling causing the water stain below. The calcification of the pipes and the resultant leak was causing the noise that the customer has reported.


The water to the property was isolated and the calcified section of the copper pipe was cut out and removed. A new section of 3/4 copper pipe was supplied and installed. Once completed the water was turned back on and tested for leaks. The leak had stopped along with the noise.


The customer was satisfied that the leak has been found and fixed on the same day of the visit. Fixing the leak in time has avoided the possibility of a greater problem that would have cost the customer thousands of dollars in roof repair.

Clients comments

"Thank you for finding the leak and fixing it. The work was very fiddly as he had to crawl into the cramped ceiling space, but he did it anyway. Great work guys!"

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