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Leaking Garden Tap Birkdale

Plumbing issues often happen as a result of age and general wear and tear of the equipment. Toilets can develop minor leaks and garden taps can become difficult to turn off. The makes it particularly difficult for elderly people still living in their family home. We recently had a call form an elderly customer in Birkdale who had a leaking toilet and an outdoor garden tap difficult to turn off.

Problem or Issue

An elderly customer called in one afternoon to report that she had a couple of plumbing issues needing attention. A garden tap in the yard could not be turned off completely and her toilet was continually leaking.

Action Taken

We arranged a suitable time for Cameron to attend site and assess the situation. On inspection, it was determined that the mini cistern cock on the toilet was dripping and the flexi hose had signs of corrosion.  When he inspected the garden tap, he noticed that it was worn out due to age with a leak on the weld connecting the water pipe to the wall.

The mini cistern cock is the tap at the bottom of the toilet and supplies water to the tank and functions as a water control valve. The flexi hose is the hose that connects the tap to the tank.

We recommended that mini cistern cock be replaced to stop the leak in the toilet. It was also suggested to replace the flexi hose to avoid the possibility of a burst pipe in the future as a maintenance precaution.  

We also recommended replacing the outdoor garden tap, thereby making it easier for the elderly customer to close the tap. We would then replace the leaking section of pipe on the wall at the same time.


After consultation with the customer, Cameron proceeded to replace the mini cistern cock and flexi hose using parts in kept on hand in his van. He also replaced the garden tap with a new easier closing garden tap in the yard and replaced the leaking section of pipe with a new elbow connector.


After installing the new taps and hose, Cameron tested the fixtures for leaks and no more leaks were identified. Cameron was able to attend to both plumbing issues while on the original call out.

Clients comments

“The plumber who came was professional, on time, and efficient. He quickly found the problem and explained it to me. I’ll be happy to call him again if needed.”

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