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Leaking Hot Water System Manly

We pride ourselves in finding the best, cost effective solution for our customers. Often a unit can be easily repaired regardless of the age of the system, and we aren't quick to recommend a new replacement if a repair can be completed with a satisfactory result. Too often tradesmen take advantage of the lack of knowledge the client has regarding the technical aspect of the trade. We simply don't do that. The below case study is an example of the client thinking she needed a new hot water system, but a simple fix was all that was needed.

Problem or issue

A distraught customer called saying that her hot water system is leaking. We have asked the customer a series of questions to try to isolate the issue on the hot water system. She has mentioned that it seemed to be leaking from the pipes but is not sure. She is afraid that she might need a new hot water system.

Action Taken

Based on the information taken from the customer, we suspected that the leak could be coming from a valve or pipe in the unit.  Our local plumber Cameron was sent out to inspect the hot water system. Upon arriving to site and conducting a series of tests, we found that although the hot water system was old, the leak was actually coming from the cold-water expansion valve of the unit.


We spoke to the customer and advised her that she only needs a replacement for her cold water expansion valve. We also advised her that a heavily corroded section of pipe would also need to be replaced.  She has happily accepted our quote on site and we proceeded to do the replacement straight away while on site. We isolated the water to the unit, supplied and installed and new cold-water expansion valve and replaced corroded section of pipe.


The new installation was tested upon completion and with no leaks detected. The owner also requested a quote for a new hot water system, so she can have an idea of how much it would cost to replace the system if necessary.

Client Comments

"I was so happy that they have fixed the problem and that it did not cost that much! I was so afraid that they would find a problem with the tank but the plumber seemed to know what he was doing and had the part with him on his van. He was very polite and helpful too. Very happy with the job"

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