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Leaking Toilet Repair - Tingalpa

We often get contacted from customers with toilet issues, with the most common being related to the toilet's inlet valve. This often deteriorates over time causing leaking and excess water bills as a result.

Problem or Issue

Ryan Old Plumbing was contacted by a customer from Tingalpa, who had a leaking toilet that required repair. The toilet was leaking water into the bowl causing a large water bill. The client had noticed that they could hear that the toilet seemed to be always running.

Action taken

Our local plumber, Ryan, was allocated the job, and attended the same day as the call.

He determined, after a visual inspection, that the problem was coming from the toilets inlet valve. The toilet inlet valve’s will often fail to shut off effectively as they get old. This results in the toilet consistently filling and wasting water.

The sole purpose of the toilets inlet valve is to regulate the right amount of water into the cistern. When the water height is at the appropriate level the valve then shuts off the water supply. In this case the valve was failing to do so due to wear and tear of the hardware.

Ryan had the necessary equipment in his van. As a result, he was able to replace the toilet’s inlet valve while on site.

Solution & Tools Used

The toilets inlet valve was replaced.


The toilet was no longer leaking thereby saving water. The customer was saved from an increased water excess bill because of the leaking toilet.

Client comments

"Ryan called when he was on the way. This gave us peace of mind as to his arrival time. He had the necessary parts on hand to complete the job, and he cleaned up after himself. Job well done"

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