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Overflowing Gutter Repairs - Norman Park

Often things are not as they seem - what can be thought of as initially blocked gutters can actually be a deeper underlying issue. In this case, the "wet system" used to fill the water tank was causing a leak into an air-conditioning system.

One day, a lady called in asking if can carry out guttering jobs. Advised her that we most certainly do. Asked the customer what kind of gutter issue is she experiencing and she said that she thinks her gutters are full of leaves because the water is coming out from the downpipes and also leaking out from the aircon. She said that before she called us, she has spoken to aircon technicians and they have advised her to call a plumber. Now, this certainly is an interesting problem. It seems like water is overflowing in the aircon because the gutters are full.


This is definitely an intriguing job as it involves an air-conditioning line yet the main problem could be because of the gutters being full so we scheduled a site inspection with the customer at the earliest convenience. We also asked the question about getting access to the roof and she said she has an old Queenslander and we will need ladders to get up the roof. We told her it is fine as our plumbers always have ladders on their ute's for this kind of job. Upon arriving on site, we got up the roof and found that there were leaves blocking the gutter. These were cleaned out. To be thorough, we also inspected the downpipes and storm-water line. It was found that the stormwater line on the left hand side of the house is a wet system. *What is a wet system? It's simple. These are the pipes that are collect rainwater from your roof to go to your rainwater tank. It's called a "wet" system
because, even after a rainfall, water is still retained in the pipes until the next downpour. In our customer's case, her aircon condensate drain line is connected to this wet system. Therefore, it is quite possible that when this wet system is full, water could back up on the aircon line causing the leak. While talking to the customer about this matter on site, she said that they did notice too that they barely get any water in the tank.


To solve both problems, we provided her with a proposal to remove the wet system and connect the downpipes directly to the tank instead. This way, the line will no longer hold water and would just run freely into the tank. This can also avoid the water flowing back into the air-conditioning line. To carry this out we approximated 3 hours to complete the whole job. The owner has approved our onsite quote and as we were getting ready for the job, it had started raining.  This made it complicated and unsafe to carry out the job, we considered the pros and cons and decided to talk to the owner again. Then, it was decided then that the job will have to be rescheduled on another day. 2 days after, we returned to the site and carried out the work.


After running the new lines to the tank, we tested it by running buckets of water into the downpipe to check if it the water would still leak in the aircon, after several attempts, no leak was noted. The owner was happy and paid upon completion.

Clients Comments

Great work and communication. Glad to have found someone who knows what they
are doing!

Overflowing Gutter Repairs - Norman Park