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Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is one of the most disappointing and frustrating issues for a homeowner. This means suffering when you’re taking a shower, doing the dishes, watering the garden or any daily task that needs a stream of water. Low water pressure may be caused by two or more fixtures are running at once.

However, there are other reasons for low water pressure that you may need to consider too. You’ll need to identify whether water is leaking from a single tap, or if multiple taps and fixtures in your house are affected. When low water pressure continues to persist, you will then know that there is a more fundamental problem. This means that the main water line is in danger, and it usually requires calling in a plumber to do a full assessment.

Luckily, most of the time, low water pressure is usually a minor issue that doesn’t require a thorough plumbing to work. The real trick is to determine the reason for the low pressure, since there may be a lot of potential causes. Here are a few common conditions that can cause low water pressure in homes. 

Blocked Pipes

Development of sediment can clog or block your pipes and/or slow the water flow to a specific tap. This is the most common cause of low water pressure. If this is the case, it will usually only affect a single tap, and a simple pipe cleaning should fix the issue. However, if it still exists, you may want to call in Ryan Old Plumbing to help you get to the root cause of the problem.

Water Leaks

If you’ve noticed a dramatic or unexpected drop in water pressure, it could have been caused by a leaking pipe. An increase in from your usual water bill can also be an indication of a leak in the water line. Usually, your water service provider will notify you if they notice any considerable increase in your property’s water usage. Some leaks aren’t distinguishable easily, such as leaks in the pipes that hidden under your home. Ryan Old Plumbing has the right tools and knowledge that can examine your home for signs of a water leak, and if necessary, will fix or replace the affected pipe. We also offer upgrades of water lines if need be.  

Corrosion in your pipes

Most pipes are from galvanized steel and some are even made of other metals like copper.  These metal pipes are assumed to last about 15 years or so, but they will naturally corrode over time. As the pipes rust and the corrosion collects inside your pipes, the build-up can stop your water flow. Only a plumber can determine corroding pipes, so you’ll need an experienced and professional plumber to inspect the pipes. No need to call anyone else. Just call Ryan Old plumbing to evaluate your current water line and provide a reasonable plan of attack.

Old Taps

A defective or damaged taps and mixers can also cause low water pressure. It may be that the inner parts no longer run well, such as the washer and o-rings. In this case, the flow of water would be partially blocked, resulting in lower pressure. In this situation, you can either attempt to fix the tap by disassembling it and replacing the washer or it would be best to have a plumber replace your faucet completely.

Call Ryan Old Plumbing to help you diagnose the reason the low water pressure at your home. Our plumbers will inspect your home and will identify what the real source of your home’s low water pressure is. We will then discuss the most appropriate way to repair or replace any plumbing components to make sure you have normal water pressure again. Additional tips to prevent low water pressure in the future will be provided as well.

Remember, any plumbing responsibility you can’t certainly handle on your own requires the help of a professional plumber. You can turn a simple plumbing problem into a menacing and costly one if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ryan Old Plumbing has the best and qualified plumbers that can help you with your low water pressure easily. We’re available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency.