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Storm Water Drain Blockage

Ryan Old Plumbing’s best advice is to maintain your storm drains throughout the year and early detection can save a lot of work and costly repairs further down the line.  If you are aware that you have partial blockage then it’s always a clever idea to call in a plumber as soon as possible.

The Ryan Old Plumbing team can clear debris from an old stormwater drain/line. We use our combined years of experience and skills to determine, identify and fix the issue. By using a combination of jet rodding machine and camera, we are usually able to remove debris from the pipe. However, our service does not end there. We can also provide you with a comprehensive analysis and solution on how to remove the larger debris/tree roots from a stormwater pipe that may cause problems in the future.  We can even show you the cause of the blockage with the use of the CCTV Camera and locator. With our past experience and knowledge with dealing with stormwater drainage issues, we are the best choice for stormwater line repairs. Our plumbers know that a blocked stormwater drain is always a priority leaving it unresolved can cause bigger problems. This is why each and every blocked drain is attended to as soon as possible.  It does not matter what is causing the blocked drain, Ryan Old plumbing has the expertise and equipment to clear the drain. 

With pouring boiling water and baking soda down the sink or simply using a plunger, you can easily unblock your drain. But when it comes to storm drains, it is a different story.

Storm water drain blockages are usually due to dirt, sludge build-up in the pipes, sediment accumulation, tree roots and due to the lack of maintenance as well. To ensure a regular cleaning and maintenance is a way to avoid storm drain blockages.

If you are currently dealing with a blocked storm drain, listed below are the things you must and mustn’t do to help you.

Must Do:

  • Make sure your yard is regularly cleared.
  • If your storm drains smell nasty, oil or chemicals, do not attempt to clear it yourself. Call Ryan Old Plumbing for advice.
  • Check the grates and drains around your property regularly on dry days.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves. However, if you are not sure what really needs to be done, call Ryan Old Plumbing.  We use a CCTV drain camera to find out the root of the problem and help you decide on the best way to resolve it.

Mustn’t do:

  • You mustn’t try and unblock a drain during a storm.
  • You mustn’t use any chemicals in clearing your drains.
  • Storm drains are for stormwater Only. You mustn’t dispose of food waste, any garbage or sewage in a storm drain.
  • If you can see a blockage and it’s out of reach, if you can’t easily clean it yourself, call Ryan Old Plumbing to have your drains cleared.


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