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Blocked Drains

We clear your blocked drains

Blocked Drains Brisbane

One of the most frequent problems homeowners face is a BLOCKED DRAIN.  A blocked drain can happen at any time of the day or night. Blocked drains don’t just smell unpleasant but they bring inconvenience too. Other plumbers would normally opt to advise homeowners of the ”DIY” option and rationalize that it would cost you less when you do it yourself.

You may get an advice to go to the local supermarket and buy drain clearing products. Beware! Most of these products do nothing but waste your money and can cause corrosion to your drain system leading to additional problems later.

At Ryan Old Plumbing, we fix and unblock drains every day. In case you have blocked toilet, drain gate, shower waste or even blocked sink or basin, our experienced and excellent plumbers can work out the solution and have your drain running freely again.

Who wants a blocked drain? No one! But if you’re unlucky enough to have one, then you are probably better off getting someone to unblock or fix it. You’d better act immediately before it gets worse.

What does Ryan Old Plumbing do?

  1. We use our camera and locator to diagnose the cause of the issue. You’ll be pleased to know this can usually be done without excavating or digging that can save us time and your money.
  2. Once the blockage has been identified, we bring out our Jet rodding machine for unblocking and clearing drains. This device can cut through the grease, debris, gunk and worst tree roots and blockages without causing further damage to your pipes.
  3. In the event that, the blockage is minor, we have the right plumbing tools and equipment to unblock those too!

Also, it does make sense to have your drains inspected on a frequent basis and to follow up on any indication of blockage. Like most things in life, early awareness can save a lot of work and charge further down the line. Indications which can signal a blocked drain involve a bubbling sound coming from the floor waste when water is in use, and it’s often tag along with a foul-smelling drain gate. If you think that you may have a partial blockage then it’s always best to call in a plumber as quickly as possible.

Blocked Drains can be a nightmare, so it’s the best option to call an experienced plumber who can attend the situation ASAP and fix the issue. At Ryan Old Plumbing, we have years of experience in identifying, locating and clearing blocked drains with 24-hour emergency service and, can also be onsite promptly.

Tips for preventing drain blockages

Disposing of food in the sink and foreign objects

At Ryan Old Plumbing, we’ve literally seen it all. You’d be amazed at what we’ve cleared from blocked drains. Some include socks, plastic cups, toys, air fresheners, hardened foods and even underwear. Being careful of what you put down the drain is certainly one of the best ways to prevent a clogged or slow drain.

Pouring oil, fat, and grease down the drain

Oil, fat and grease blockages are caused over time as they build up and solidifies within the drain itself. One of the best ways to deal with oil, fat, and grease is to let them cool and throw them away. You should keep them away from your drain and sink.

Flushing sanitary pads and paper towels down the toilet

This is probably one of the most common reasons, due to young children overloading the toilet with too much toilet paper. Sanitary pads or paper towels shouldn’t be flushed into the toilet. These will attach to the pipes and once they gather will block your toilet.

Hair being washed down the drain

Hair forms a giant ball which traps odours and creates enormous blockages in drains. When combing wet hair or cleaning your brushes, just throw your hair into the garbage to avoid blockages.

Tree roots in broken pipes

Tree roots can grow into the pipes and these will cause it to split or break and block. Don’t let the tree roots create a big problem in your sewer line. Ryan Old Plumbing can help you with your sewer line in a very satisfactory and quick time.

If you already have a blocked drain, Ryan Old Plumbing can help you. We have highly qualified and licensed plumbers ready to help you with your concerns.